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Cantina Mariano Sabatino

Gragnano Rosso Frizzante DOC

Gragnano Rosso Frizzante DOC

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Gragnano Rosso Frizzante DOC. Excellent "Blend" from Piedirosso, Sciascinoso and Aglianico grapes grown on the Lattari Mountains in the municipalities of Gragnano, Lettere and Casola di Napoli.

Wine with a bright ruby ​​color, embellished with a lively foam with hints of purple. Its aroma is initially vinous and sylvan, with delicate floral hints and small red fruits. The taste is graceful, irresistible and lively, moderately hot. The finish is tasty and slightly almondy. The inimitable frankness, engaging friendliness and genuine friendliness of the Neapolitan people transposed into a captivating and sincere, kind and welcoming, lively and versatile nectar. A fascinating and unforgettable sip like the joy and beauty that only this land can express.

Paolo Lauciani

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